CS3 2 speed
1 magnesium case.
Handles up to 1800 HP.
Made for lightweight sand-drag cars, river boats, pullers, mud boggers and nitrous oxide assisted machines. Engineered for application in restricted space. Air or lever shift
CS3 3 speed
2 magnesium cases.
Handles up to 1800 HP.
Designed for lighter weight Top Sportsman, cars and big HP boats. Smallest sized LENCO fits the most cramped quarters.   Air or lever shift.
CS3 5 speed
4 magnesium cases
Handles up to 1800HP.
Recommended for lighter weight Pro Stock, Comp eliminator and Compact/Import classes. Up to five forward speeds plus reverse.
Wide variety of gear ratios allows the opportunity to employ narrow rpm range.
Air or lever shift.
CS3 4 speed
3 magnesium cases.
Handles up to 1800 HP.
Recommended for light weight nitrous oxide or supercharged machines where four speeds are necessary.  Perfect for Top Sportsman and Compact/Import classes requiring extensive gearing choices. Air or lever shift.
The LENCO CS3 is the smallest and lightest version of our 
New Generation designs.  The very compact CS3 is engineered for cars producing up to 1800HP and weighing up to 2700 pounds. Standard planetary gear size is 1/2".  The CS3 is ideal for IHRA Pro Stock as well as NHRA Competition Eliminator machines.

The New Generation CS3 LENCO is available with up to
5 forward speeds plus reverse.  All shafts are available in Marage or 300M material.  We offer a variety of procedures for lightening rotating mass - such as optional titanium planet cases - and suggest you call to discuss your specific application and objectives.   A Low-Drag reverse is also an option to our standard reverse unit.  

As with all LENCO transmissions the CS3 may be shifted with CO2 or manually by our patented lever system. 
A lightweight magnesium case is standard.
Reverse unit
Magnesium case.
Mates to CS1, CS2 or CS3 transmission.
5 1/2 long, manual shift only.