All LENCO transmissions can be shifted with levers or a CO2 system. Since all LENCO transmissions utilize the same internal gearing design you can easily change from a manual shift set
up to the CO2 configuration or vice versa. No alterations to the transmission, other than the external operating system itself, are required.

A LENCO launch ratio is determined by the sun and planet gear ratio. In all instances the transmission is then shifted to a 1:1 direct drive ratio by depression
of the adjustable shift tower plunger. This action compresses an internal clutch pack which results in a final driveratio of 1:1.  Remember that each separate case contains it own
gearset/ratio and when connected to additional cases multiple ratios are realized. The shifting process removes multiplication factors and subsequently results in all gear-sets, after
the final shift, being locked to a 1:1 ratio.

Shift pressure is adjustable, whether it be for one case, all cases or anindividual case in a multiple case configuration.  This pressure adjustability gives you considerable control when
fine tuning your available power application to specific track conditions.

If the first 300 feet of track is excellent, for instance, full shift pressure and instant lock-up may be desired. If, however, the track is loose from 300’ through 500’ you can soften
the shift pressure to maintain desired wheel speed and traction. Every track differs from day to day or hour to hour. With a simple shift pressure adjustment you can easily compensate
and control slippage. This is not possible with a traditional cluster gear transmission.


There are a variety of both manual and CO2 servo tower designs. We recommend that you discuss your application with our technical representatives and follow their suggestions on which
specific design will suit you best.

A typical lever shift assembly – Consists of hand levers, activation rods, detent levers, rod towers, adjustment nuts, clevises, heim ends, friction washers, mounting bracket and all
necessary hardware.

A typical CO2 shifting assembly – Consists of either a small or large CO2 bottle, bottle brackets, pressure gauges, pressure adjustable shift buttons, air servo, pressure line, fittings and
all hardware.

Pressure set-up kit – Our shift pressure set-up kit consists of a separate adjustment tower, lever, pull scale and chart of recommended pressures. Easy to use and necessary for fine tuning
shift pressure control.



Lever Shifter Air Shifter