Lenco Racing’s transmission high performance components.

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Bell Housing Parts

Purchase the complete LENCO bell housing assembly or individual bellhousing components as needed. ..

Clutch Disk Alignment Tool

Lenco Clutch Disk Alignment Tools are available in black anodized billet aluminum. Th..


Coupler Clamps

All Lenco coupler clamps are machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum.  Available in single o..


Lenco couplers are machined from 8620 aircraft quality steel and heat treated for for severe duty se..

Gear Reducer

The Lenco Racing gear reduction unit, when used in conjunction with our CS1, CS2, CS3, or CS4 t..

Input Shafts

Lenco Racing machines our input shafts from 300M and Marage stock.  We can supply practica..

Throwout Bearing Collars

Lenco Racing throwout bearing collars are machined from premium aircraft grade billet aluminum ..

Throwout Bearings

Lenco Racing throwout bearings feature a fork/collar contact housing machined from aircraft qua..


The Lenco Racing 4140 billet steel pinion yoke eliminates the weakest link in your driveline.&n..