CS Transmissions

Lenco Racing Transmissions built specifically for high performance racing applications.

The CS1 Standard Design Lenco Racing Transmission is recommended for the most severe applications and is capable of repeatable consistency with a minimum of maintenance. Engineered to handle 3500+ HP the Standard Design Lenco Transmission is available with up to 5 speeds and comes in a cast magnesium case. Lever or CO2 shift.

CS2 - CS4 New Generation Lenco Racing Transmission. The CS2, CS3 and CS4 New Generation Lenco racing transmission is a smaller, lighter and more compact version of our CS1 Standard Design. Smaller diameter and shorter length make this transmission a practical choice for use in restricted confines and instances when you have limited distance from the engine to the rear end.

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CS4 5 Speed

The Lenco Racing CS4 5 Speed Transmission is the smallest and lightest version of our New Gener..

CS4 Add-on Section

At the time of your initial transmission order, you may add additional sections to your CS4 Lenco Tr..